From the scuffed and weatherworn tables aboard rowdy trading vessels to the richly adorned buffets of sumptuous medieval courts, communal dining has played a big part in culinary culture the world over since the beginning of time. Sharing a meal and conversation with a motley of interesting people allows you to really drink in the quintessential aspects of any given culture.  

This is why at De Warenmarkt we went out of our way to ensure that there would be plenty of space where our customers can sit down and tuck into our delicious fare while simultaneously

enjoying the vibrancy of a real live South African dining space. 

Whether you pick up a sandwich or salad from our Grab & Go section or choose to assemble your own picnic from a variety of purveyors, you’re most welcome to take a load off and enjoy the sights. As an extra special treat, take advantage of our brand new Butcher’s Lunch where you get to select a cut of meat from Ryan Boon, our onsite butcher, and have it expertly prepared by the knowledgeable chefs in our kitchen.